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Title: Utility not listing all drives
Post by: lavenderspark on January 12, 2022, 11:08:55 AM
I have an iPod classic 6gen that I had previously loaded Rockbox onto. Something happened and my computer stopped recognizing the iPod. The iPod still worked with Rockbox just fine, but when connected to my computer it came up with a driver error.

I wiped the whole thing and re-added the apple software (as I could no longer access it after loading Rockbox, even though it states you can switch back and forth) and formatted the iPod with Windows (FAT32). My computer now recognizes the iPod with no problems.

When I pull up the utility to install Rockbox back onto the iPod, it only shows one driver and nothing I do will give me more options (it shows a G: drive, when my iPod is on the F: drive, no matter which USB port I plug it into). I have removed and re-installed the utility to my computer several times. It will not show anything other than G:.

iTunes no longer recognizes the iPod Classic, so I can't use that to add music and now my iPod is completely useless unless I can get the utility to give me more options. Please help.
Title: Re: Utility not listing all drives
Post by: bluebrother on January 12, 2022, 01:13:13 PM
The drive selection dropdown filters the drives in the system and only shows the ones with a Rockbox-compatible filesystem (i.e. FAT) If you go to Help / Troubleshooting / System Info it will show all drives and the detected filesystems. I'd expect your Ipod to have a wrong filesystem.
Title: Re: Utility not listing all drives
Post by: lavenderspark on January 15, 2022, 01:14:38 PM
As stated in my original post, the iPod has been formatted to a FAT32.

This is what I am seeing when I connect to my computer, and what comes up when I try to install Rockbox.

The only strange thing I can see is on the system info on Rockbox. It lists my iPod VID as 1261, but when I re-installed the apple firmware, it was listed as 1241 in the command prompt (and therefore what I installed). I don't know how to find out what the iPod itself lists the VID as now.
Title: Re: Utility not listing all drives
Post by: bluebrother on January 15, 2022, 03:27:48 PM
Looking at that output I (still) believe your Ipod having the wrong filesystem, more specifically exFAT, not FAT32.

While the actual filesystem isn't shown (seems I remembered this incorrectly -- the current development version of Rockbox Utility does that, thought the latest release did too) the cluster size is strange. Windows default cluster size for drives up to 32GB is 16kiB for FAT32, and larger sizes are not supported. However, drives larger than 32GiB use a default cluster size of 128kiB on exFAT, which is exactly the value shown in your screenshot. (See also )

Windows does not allow you to format a drive larger than 32GB with FAT32. Instead it uses exFAT. You can format a drive that size with FAT32, but not with the tools included in Windows. Rockbox does not support exFAT, since it's a completely different filesystem than FAT32. Again, please check the filesystem type. You can find a development binary of Rockbox Utility linked here, which should also show the filesystem type directly:,53588.0.html
Title: Re: Utility not listing all drives
Post by: lavenderspark on January 20, 2022, 12:07:01 PM
I am at my wit's end with this.

I reformatted the iPod to FAT32, Rockbox recognized it, started the install. Everything was fine until the reboot. When it booted back up, I got the error that rockbox could not be found. I aborted and started over, unchecking the first box. Nothing happened after everything installed. So I unchecked everything EXCEPT the first box and did it again. Everything seemed to go ok, but at the very end it said that it couldn't remount. Now my computer is back to saying the drive is bad and won't recognize it when I plug it in. I can't access the apple firmware any more (same as the first time I installed Rockbox) and can't seem to get it to go into disk mode now either. I now have Rockbox on the iPod, but I can no longer do anything with it. I am at a complete loss as to what to do.