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Title: No System Found on HDD
Post by: ChevyGal on April 23, 2007, 08:20:25 PM
I have a Toshiba Gigabeat (MEGF40). I got it last year around this time and have had zero issues with it until now. I use it to store pictures as well as music. Every so often I reformat it just keep it running smoothly. I use the software included to reformat because it doesn't delete the firmware it needs to run. Well I had a total brain fart today and reformatted it using the right click, select reformat option. Basically it cleared everything. According to the instructions, I should be able to replace the firmware by reinstalling the file GBSYSTEM from the installation CD. Lucky me, that file doesn't exist on the CD I have. So does anyone here have one of these animals? I went to Toshiba's website, and their site sucks as far as support goes. I started searching for a way to fix my issue and came across this site. I'd like to try out Rockbox, but can't do anything because it seems I am stuck until I get something reinstalled on this thing. So, where can I get the software to fix my problems? Thanks.
Title: Re: No System Found on HDD
Post by: Gigabeat_Luv3R on April 24, 2007, 02:31:24 AM
At the end of this website:
is a GBSYSTEM folder download it and put it on your gigbeat . Also on the page download the bootloader and the build and read the whole page so you know excaclty how to install it. Once installed you will be able to play video's and many other neat things it couldnt do before. (to convert the movies please download the winFF  program on the rockbox site under 'extras' then 'mpeg player'
Title: Re: No System Found on HDD
Post by: Soaa- on April 24, 2007, 07:22:12 AM
You will need to perform an emergency rescue with your player.  There's info on that in the wiki.