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Title: H 120 problems - no .rockbox folder
Post by: Charlieboy on February 13, 2007, 12:03:54 PM
I have failed to get my rockbox to install on an I-river H 120, though the booter works and has changed the format slightly.  Any advice much appreciated.  I have followed all instructions.  Something seems amiss because it says that one of the components that should be in the download should be a .rockbox FOLDER.  I cannot see this when I unzip and have looked in several earlier builds but it never shows up when I unzip - though I get loads of other files.  When the I-river gives a message 'Installation incomplete' it also says ' no .rockbox folder' which does seem to relate to this problem.  Otherwise it seems like it would work as the display format is completely changed.  Because it won't play any codecs (MP3 OGG etc.) I have deleted the files I copied to the Root folder for the upgrade now and I am using the company firmware again.  I am very disappointed because I want to be able to play MP4s which rockbox appears to be able to do.  Am I missing something ?  Can somebody tell me where to find the missing rockbox folder for the upgrade to work?

Title: Re: H 120 problems - no .rockbox folder
Post by: nls on February 13, 2007, 12:53:33 PM
You need to keep the folder structure that is in the zip file, all those files you mentioned are zipped in folders under the .rockbox folder.

You probably do something wrong when unzippin your files. For example not using a "keep folder structure" option or dragging the files from the zip application and dropping them in the root of your player.

Since you do not say which program you use to unzip it is quite difficult to give precise information on how to do this correctly. But try looking around for an option in the program or use an "extract" button (no drag and drop).
Title: Re: H 120 problems - no .rockbox folder
Post by: Charlieboy on February 14, 2007, 02:17:04 PM
Thanks I'll try that.  Sorry for my lack of zip awareness.