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Title: H120 problems booting up...
Post by: baliwguy on February 26, 2012, 01:31:08 PM
I have an iRiver H120 that when it starts up, it looks normal at first, then it says "Check HDD connection", then it says "Check HDD", then it shows the screen with the folders and files, but indicates 0 folders and 0 files.  If you go forward it shows 1 file with a strange symbol, like it is trying to make several  letters at the same time.   If at the 0 files and 0 folders screen I hold down the NAVI button, it goes to the screen with options "General" "Display" and so on.  If I choose "General" all the options are displayed, but if I choose "Format" it says not allowed, "DB Scan" and choose "Yes" nothing happens, "Firmware Upgrade" and "Yes" nothing happens.  I can get the radio to work by holding down the "On" button.  When connected to the computer, I can see all the folders for my 15GB of music inside, the disc is fine (I took it out and tested it in another H120).  What do I need to do to fix my H120?