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Title: iAudio M5 - trying to resurrect
Post by: Barbakane on August 13, 2022, 09:22:31 AM
Before I spend time on this, just thought I'd check to see if anyone knows if I'm wasting my time on this little project or if I should persevere.  My brother gave me his pristine iAudio M5 many, many years ago and it's been sitting in a drawer ever since.  I have a similar vintage G3 that's starting to play up, but I love the audio quality of these old iAudio units so I'd love to get the M5 working again before spending cash on something new that might not sound anywhere near as good as an M5 ;-)

I have a few questions that some people on here might be able answer:

Most serious of all is that I do not have the original subpack connector so that might mean this project is a complete non-starter.  I only have the unit itself and don't have any of the bits and pieces that would have come with it when purchased.  Is there any way around this?

Assuming I can get around the above issue, it appears that I can still source a replacement battery on EBay so that's good, but I'd love to replace the original Zif drive with a solid-state solution.  The Zif drive must be at least 16 years old now so I'm asuming it most likely won't be working now - although it was only used for the first two years of it's life and has had zero use since then.  I've read a few old posts (circa 2010 I'm afraid) where people said they had been successful in using CF and, even better, SD cards.  I have lots of reasonably new CF and SD cards that are still working fine, but the links for the adapters that people used back then are now dead - can anyone confirm if such adapters are still available?

Any light that anyone can shed to help would be much appreciated, even if it's to confirm the sad news that I'd be advised to bin said M5 unit :-(