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Title: Voicing battery indication in shortcuts?
Post by: cachondo on January 09, 2013, 11:30:21 PM
Only been using rockbox for a few hours but have read the manual! ;)

I really like that you can hear the time from shortcuts. Is there a way to do the same with battery level? Would be very useful when you can't see the indicator, rather than having to go through system, > Rockbox info, > battery, especially if you use shortcuts rather than quick screen.  In fact, it would be cool to add all sorts of spoken stuff in here, disk free space as another example.  Data there's already voice for, of course, it's all stuff you can "hear" in system but when i'm reading in bed, the time and my battery status are most important to me .

Would also be nice to hear time info of currently playing item or playlist. Lots of that is numeric, remaining and elapsed time are displayed in the wps iirc, and I thought shortcuts would be a convenient way for a blind person to choose what to hear with some sort of string, as you might use in a theme, for the output. Getting way ahead of myself here, my original request was just battery percentage!

Also, I haven't actually put my own shortcuts file on the player yet. Where do I put my talk files for speaking shortcut names? If I intended to use them long term, such as having a "current time" as a permanent shortcut, would it be sensible to have a "/.rockbox/[somedir]/talks/" file to announce that item, in a place it's not likely to be in the way  or get deleted?

Thanks for any replies, I'm very new here but loving Rockbox so far.  I used to struggle along with 1 audiobook at a time on a flash player, never knowing how long the battery would last and unable to save my place in more than one folder at a time. I'm using a Sansa Clip Zip and luckily, so far have encountered no problems what soever, despite the port being unstable.