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Title: Annoying (Tap to Scroll) effect in iPod Nano 2nd Gen, can it be turned off?
Post by: [Saint] on December 08, 2009, 01:05:53 AM
I noticed some time ago that the way the "Click Wheel" felt on the iPod Nano 2nd Gen changed quite dramatically, but I wasn't sure exactly what the change was until a short while ago.

The 2nd Gen Nano Click Wheel used to behave entirely similarly to that of the 1st Gen Nano (as far as I could tell anyway, it *felt* the same at least) except for the fact that the scrolling speed was piss-poor as I believe that Click Wheel Acceleration hadn't been successfully enabled on the 2nd Gen at that moment in time.

The thing I've just noticed recently is something that I personally find quite annoying, and I'mnot sure if it's been deliberately implemented as a feature or if it's an unexpected result of some form but here goes...

What I'm experiencing is this:
I've found that I am able to scroll a single line at a time through the RockBox directories by simply slightly touching the Click Wheel in any one of the four diagonal corners of it(ie. the spaces *between* Menu, Next, Play and Previous.
This is all very well and good (well...kinda  :-\) but it makes it almost impossible to use the Previous and Next buttons as "select" and "back" respectively without accidentally skipping into a different directory or just exiting out of the menu entirely.... :'(
This new(-ish) "feature" makes Me have to be ABSOLUTELY precise in My placement of whichever digit I'm using to navigate with or face the consequence of ending up in an unexpected directory because the *SUPER SENSITIVE* Click Wheel registers it as a "Tap" even if You accidentally catch the "scrolling area" of the Click Wheel even after the select button has been pushed.

And one is not forced to use the Select button and the Menu to navigate now as this (I find at least), as long as Your VERY careful about Your finger placement is the most likely combination to *not* jump You into a seemingly random directory whist attempting to navigate.
Even if You were used to using this key combination to navigate (On My 1st Gen Nano which I use primarily now because of this scroll-thingy I use "Next" and Previous" to navigate the menus and only use the "Select" button if the purpose specifically requires Me to.

This also affects trying to just scroll normally, as the Click Wheel is VERY indecisive as to what it resisters as "scrolling" and what it determines as a "Tap"....leading to the chosen directory often jumping up or down one place (or sometime to the opposite end of the menu/list being viewed) after lifting Your finger/thumb or whatever off of the Scrolling Area.

Personally, I was more content with scrolling without acceleration that I am now with this seemingly erratic behaviour that is caused by what I assume is asking a piece of hardware to be WAY more precise in it's functionality that it's intended use (I am happy to be corrected on this).

Is there any way to turn this weird *tappy-scrolling-jumpy-thingy* "feature" (if it is indeed that) off? As I'm not really a fan of this personally.

Or, if it's not a "feature", and not related to the scroll-accelleration....what's causing it?

It *could* be a good idea...maybe...I guess. But the option to turn it off would be good.
It's just that currently the Click Wheel on the 2nd Gen seems to register that an action *as soon as* it is touched, wherever it is touched, which leads to this weird jumpy behaviour in list scrolling even on a slight, accidental tap of the scrolling-area. Instead of the way the 1st gen Nano's Click Wheel *seems* to behave, ie. not registering it as an action until *after* the scrolling area has been released.

I'd like to know, has anyone else complaned about this?
If it was developed by someone that didn't have the target player for instance it may seem like a brilliant idea, if it were simulated etc. as that environment would allow for complete precision as to which area of the scroll-pad was touched, but humans are fallible, and nowhere near as precise and currently at least I think the 2nd Gen Nano Click Wheel's behaviour is too unstable.

My opinion at least anyway.

Title: Re: Annoying (Tap to Scroll) effect in iPod Nano 2nd Gen, can it be turned off?
Post by: Llorean on December 08, 2009, 06:08:23 AM
Interestingly enough someone already has complained about this: You.

Please, don't start new threads on topics you've already posted about elsewhere.
Title: Re: Annoying (Tap to Scroll) effect in iPod Nano 2nd Gen, can it be turned off?
Post by: [Saint] on December 08, 2009, 09:49:27 AM
Yeah, I know....Sorry.

I'm aware of the issues regarding "double posting", and I can say that I had indeed debated whether or not to do so, the clincher in Me re-posting this complaint was actually looking and seeing that the last post in the initial thread I mentioned this in (before mine) was 16/08/09 and that it had only been read a handful of times (roughly 3 or 4) since Me posting.

So, after a (probably slightly too short I'll admit) while I decided the best way to get it looked at with fresh perspective was to start a new thread that was more specific to the topic at hand, as the initial thread I'd mentioned it in was RE: Scroll Acceleration and My grievance is only slightly related to this in the fact that thay are both to do with the Click Wheel, and Scrolling to some degree.

It wasn't My intention to cause any confusion.

Do You perhaps, or anyone else for that matter, know if the behaviour I'm describing is deliberate or unintentional?

That's the first thing I'd like to clear up regarding this, the second being how to revert it to functioning similarly to the 1st Gen Nano Click Wheel again (or if it's even a possibility)

Thankyou for the speedy reply,

Title: Re: Annoying (Tap to Scroll) effect in iPod Nano 2nd Gen, can it be turned off?
Post by: JdGordon on December 08, 2009, 12:10:36 PM
1) its not a supported target and is expected to have bugs.. whichi this obviosuly is..