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Title: [Sansa clip+] Menu splits between upper and lower area (yellow and blue)
Post by: Muffpuff on August 31, 2016, 12:35:49 PM
I just installer rockbox on my sansa clip+ with the dev version cf82f20-160830. And i am having a problem while in the menu that cause the text to split between the blue and yellow section (as seen on the text "playback settings" in this pic ( I am using this theme and its standard settings ( The theme uses the 12-Nimbus font, and choosing this font for the theme cabbiev2 seems to cause the same problem.

I have had this theme working properly before with an older version of rockbox (1.31 or earlier). Right now the only way I know of how to fix this is to choose a larger or smaller font. Any easy to fix this without changing theme?