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Title: Noob: Playing a playlist starting with seelected song
Post by: Jasonpaul on March 14, 2019, 03:26:10 AM
I have installed RockBox on a Generation 2 iPod Mini and am pleased so far, particularly with the sleep timer. I am a bit frustrated though by trying to get the most out of playlists. Here is what I have discovered so far:

I make a playlist by making a playlist text file and saving it in the Playlists folder. I use a Python script to automatically make a playlist file for a given folder, and then I delete unwanted songs with a text editor.

I can load a playlist to begin playing by browsing to the playlist file from the File menu.

I've set my playback to Repeat/Shuffle, and this loads my playlist files in shuffled order.

I can scroll through a playlist's items via the Playlist Database.

What I would really like to know how to do is to browse a playlist, choose a song, and then play the whole playlist (shuffled) starting at that song. I have gotten as far as selecting the song, but cannot find any keypress combination that will load the whole playlist and start playing the selected song. ( Mobdro ( (

I also cannot understand the dynamic playlist. No matter what I do it still has the very first playlist file I ever played.

Thank you,