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Title: Rockbox art converter script
Post by: carmenm on June 20, 2007, 11:33:39 AM

Being a foobar user, i use it to download album arts. But i am also a rockbox user and rockbox uses cover.bmp for arts and they are of much smaller size. All the software to download art doesnt have a feature to automatically create those cover.bmp. So i decided to create a script to do so.

either you launch this script without argument and it asks you to choose a directory. Then it will look in this directory and subdirectories for album arts, if the cover.bmp already exists it will do nothing, if it doesnt it will create it.

By default, the script looks for folder.jpg and create cover.bmp 100x100
But you can choose differently by using args artname and size (/size:75 for example)

Because of the arguments this script could be add to any application if the dev desires it

There is progress bar to let you know of the progress.

This script uses LEAD converter(in the archive) so it must be installed.

The only limitation of this script is that you need to have JSProgBr installed for it to work(in the archive, see the readme file of JSProgBr for installation)

Hope you ll like it