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Title: some questions about rockbox on a cf-modded h120
Post by: Anouk85 on March 05, 2009, 02:23:15 AM
Hello everyone,
Since this is my first post on this forum I suppose I should introduce myself. I am Anouk, a 24-year old female law student from the
 Netherlands. I am blind and this is the mean reason why i use iriver players. This may seem strange but if you think that these players
 accept rockbox and rockbox speaks menus I suppose that this strangeness will go away. I also like good sound so I am a regular member of a
 forum called head-fi. I used an iriver h340 in the past but moved on to a 5.5g modded ipod. Recently hwoever a new headphone amplifier+dac
 has come out, the ibasso d10, one of the good things about it is that it has an optical connection just like the iriver h100 series of
 players, so i found a head-fier who was not only willing to sell me his player but was also willing to modify it by replacing the battery
 and the harddrive with a 32gb a-data compactflashcard. I let heim do these mods because I am hoping this will prolong th elife of this
 portable player.
Now, he is not a big fan of rockbox or the iriver players (a shame i know) but he says replacing the hd and battery wont be difficult, only
 now remains getting the player to work, we know it wont work with the original firmware (which wont be any use to me anyway) but that
 rockbox will work, so i went out and did some reading. I know it can be done but there are still some things i dont udnerstand.
If he installs rockbox 3.1 on the old harddrive and also installs the bootloader and stuff so that when the players powers on rockbox will
 work and he unzips the rockbox archive on the cfcard using his computer and a cf-reader and then he swaps the hd for the cfcard will it
 then just work as it did before without any modification?
I have read on the rockbox wiki that if you use usb to transfer data to the h120 when a cfcard is installed an you remove the usb cable that
 the player will crash and you reset this. is this information still current?
I read that you can flash rockbox into the internal flash memory of the player (so not the cfcard) and that this will make the player faster
 and be able to write the rockbox settings into the eprom so that you dont have to reenter all the information after a reset and you dont
 need the original iriver firmware anymore.
I do not understand what the difference is between the rockbox ram and rom image? 
I suppose the rockbox flashing plugin is included standard with rockbox?
Do i have to download bootloader 7pre4 or is it already included in rb3.1?
How can i install a new bootloader in rockbox? just inzip it on my player as with normal rockbox?
I understand the flashing rockbox over the original firmware bit, but i dont understand about ram/rom image and having botuh or one of them
 in flash....
I suppose its best to have both in flash for if you have to reset the player. What i find strange is that the procedures for flashing rom
 and ram image seem the seem to me, i dont understand the difference.... Also I do not understand what rolo does. I do think its best to
 have both images in flash... but i am a bit unclear about the procedure required...
If i reset the player when rockbox is flashed both ram, and rom will the boot preference still be in place or will the player try to load
 from adata cfcard?
If rockbox is flashed from internal memory i dont have to also put it on the adata card, right?
I also wonder if support for the clockmod has been implemented in rockbox?
Thanks in advance for any information,
Greetings, Anouk,