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Title: WTF? I installed Rockbox, now everything is GONE
Post by: MoseZ on September 06, 2007, 01:14:28 AM
I installed it by following a video on youtube that you could find by searching IpodAid, then installed LinuxiPod, also with the same video help. I tried to install some Rockbox themes, but couldn't get them to show up in Rockbox to apply them. Now, all 4327 of my songs and 9 or 10 videos are absolutley gone. Also, the ".rockbox" and "Photos" folders are corrupt for some unknown reason and the only thing that I can see to fix it now is to reformat the iPod's HDD. Now, I'm not completly comptuer stupid, I have a pair of custom PSP's and mod those regularly; I don't write apps or anything, but now I would like to know what my best COA is. I Still would like to continue with having Rockbox/Linux/Apple OS all on my iPod, so, please direct me on what to do.

iPod: 5G Video
Size: 30 GB

Anything else that you would need to know, let me know how to find it, and I will let you know
Title: Re: WTF? I installed Rockbox, now everything is GONE
Post by: Llorean on September 06, 2007, 01:17:39 AM
Well, firstly you should've followed the official instructions instead of some random unknown person's youtube videos.

All of your music is in the iPod_Control folder if you used iTunes to sync it. A scandisk to find out what exactly is corrupt, and to repair what can be, then if you don't have backups of your files on your computer, copy that folder off, and dig through it using a tag and rename tool.

Then, when you attempt to reinstall things, follow the official instructions.