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Title: Bricked gigabeat s60
Post by: AlphaTwo on December 07, 2010, 03:59:30 AM
Dear All,
I tried to enter recovery mode of gigabeat s60 by following the HARD reset steps.
Turn off the battery switch and turn it back on), and hold left (on the cross, not '<--') and the windows button while booting to enter recovery mode.
But the message "(4)Removing Media Items, Please Wait", comes up no matter what I do.
I have waited all night but still the same message.
Turning battery switch on and off does nothing.
And it can't no longer detected by the system (win XP).
I ran the "beastpatcher.exe" it displayed "no device found", "sendfirm.exe" showed "Error occured during sending".

Thanks for any suggestions!