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Title: Voice clips in FM Radio with Sandisk Clipp+
Post by: mk360 on September 20, 2015, 03:00:55 PM

This is my first post here, basically because my english is not so good to speak or contribute to the comunity. However, I'm using rockbox for a while and I think is really a good program. By the way, now I've a question and it is the reason why I finally created an account to write here (I searched in google for this but without any result).

Well, the question... I'm using a Sansa clip+ with the latest development version. I created voiced menus with the microsoft speech platform and all appears to works fine, but the clips does'nt work in the fm radio. In my results in Google I encontered a bug reporting this problem, but if I understood correctly it can't be solved. The strange thing is sometimes (I can't determine when) the clips works. So what can I do to use the voice clips if it is posible? note that I'm not interested in the read of in what radio station I'm, only in the context menus to select record, etc.

Thanks and please if you can't understand my english tell me about it and I can try to explain my self better.