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Title: Clip+ newbe tying to get started questions
Post by: davidk21770 on April 18, 2015, 07:54:22 AM
I hope that I put these questions in the right place -- there doesn't seem to be a general newbe with questions area ???.

I went looking for alternatives to the Clip+ firmware when I started using large SD cards and exceeding the Clip's internal database memory and not getting all of my songs/books.

I'm having issues with the default setup and am wondering if the following have been addressed or if they can be addressed in RockBox or if I need to keep looking.  I'm hoping that there's a variant, theme, or edits to a config file, or a shortcut that can overcome these.  Unfortunately, this is for my wife also, so the final use must be easy, she's a bit of a Luddite when it comes to computers and electronics.

Any pointers greatly appreciated!  (Did I miss a how-to post in my searches!)

Audiobooks need to be treated the same way that they are on my other devices.  They need to be separately listed from music files, they need to be accessed by book (with skip by mp3, and also fast-forward in the file), and they need to autobookmark by book and autoresume by book -- without doing anything special -- even after I play music or another book for a while, and they need to not randomize if music is set to random (which it always is for us).

Also, I use the same playlists on multiple devices so they need to be in the Music folder AND the SD card needs to be mounted to the same file system as the internal memory so that the 2 Music folders are a combined list to the playlists.
The only way that I can find to have the playlists easily found is to put them in a separate Playlist folder and the default RockBox treats the SD card as a separate point.  This means that I need to manage separate playlists for RockBox that cater to that AND I need to worry about which files turn up on the SD card vs. main memory (I usually just put them were there's room).  Can Rockbox find playlists in the music folders and list them, and treat the main memory and SD cards as the same mount points?  -- can it treat playlists the same as Sansa does?

Title: Re: Clip+ newbe tying to get started questions
Post by: davidk21770 on April 19, 2015, 06:16:13 AM
Ok, no answers - maybe I'm asking for too much...  :'(

All I can find on audiobooks is piecemeal and a little conflicting/confusing  :o.  Probably depends on where in the development cycle they were posted.
Is there an audiobooks how-to or FAQ anywhere?

What's the easiest way to get a list of audiobooks (all mine have the tag audiobooks set).
    Do I have to use the genre view?
    Would it be better to create a playlist for each audiobook?  (I can readily write a script to do that).
    Should I be reading about shortcuts? (Soon on my list  ;))

It looks like there was work done on bookmarks to better handle audiobooks as a book and not an album, but I can't find how to configure them for use with audiobooks.  I'll do some more reading, but pointers/links would be appreciated on how to best set them!

(I can handle the issue with the music playlists vs. drive mount points vs. the playlists folder problem by using yet another script (YAS  ::)) that reads my playlists, finds my playlist songs on the device/SD card and creates rockbox playlists where rockbox wants them).
Title: Re: Clip+ newbe tying to get started questions
Post by: herefornow on April 19, 2015, 06:26:09 AM
Have you looked in the manual? Several links and info here: