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Title: iPod Classic 6G (160GB Thick) - hanging on shutdown
Post by: A_Man_Eating_Duck on July 17, 2016, 02:33:26 AM

I'm using rockbox-ipod6g-20160713 (0f89b04) on my classic 6G 160GB (thick) installed with this method ( Everytime I unplug the ipod from the car (using ipod connector) it will hang on automatic shutdown causing it to completely drain the battery, the screen is dim and you can see the shutting down prompt and you can feel the HD spinning. When the car turns off the ipod is automatically paused and the idle shutdown is set to 10 mins.

There are no issues when using the ipod when it hasn't been connected to the car, it shutdown correctly after 10mins.

What i would like to know is there a way i can provide logs or dumps from my ipod that would make things easier for someone to look in to the problem.