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Title: Modifying playcount?
Post by: Buzkill on August 26, 2021, 02:29:37 AM
I'd like to ask this same question from an older post that seems to have gone dead. Any headway or ideas? thanks,18717.msg135339.html (,18717.msg135339.html)

I aim to give up on Apple's ipod firmware (and hence iTunes) in favour of Rockbox, which I find has a lot of advantages (no maximum number of tracks, no EU volume limit, more information shown on while playing, etc etc).

But I would like to try and preserve my existing 'playcounts' from iTunes.  It must be possible to export them somehow and then intialise the Rockbox playcounts accordingly, no?

This is partly an iTunes question, but perhaps someone here has already done this and has a pointer to a guide or useful utility for doing it?

If getting the playcounts out of iTunes isn't really a Rockbox issue, is there at least a simpleton's guide as to how to initialise playcounts in Rockbox (from the manual I get that its something involving a text file that initialises the database, right?)

I don't use 'ratings' and I can export playlists easily enough,  its just the playcounts I'm a bit stuck on.