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Title: Tracks hang about a second before fading in if I hit "resume playback"
Post by: rjdg14 on April 28, 2021, 05:24:33 PM
I've found that on both my current Xduoo X3 and my previous one, which still partially works albeit unreliably, if I press "resume playback" in Rockbox after turning either on, the audio is initially silent before quickly fading in about a second later. This does not appear to be an issue with either of my devices as Rockbox does this on both in exactly the same manner, but I don't know why Rockbox is acting this way when I have the fade from stop/pause option disabled (due to distortion on some tracks when it does so). Is the delay here Rockbox initialising and finding the file to resume, or is this down to the hardware of the X3?