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Long file names & random copy



I have Jukebox Recorder 20.  Here are two general questions:

1)  Some of my mp3's are from and have up to 137 characters
in the file name.  Delimiter between words is '_' instead of blank.
Does my Archos with RockBox mind these long file names?  What is best
and simple PC program to convert file names to only artist and title?

2)  I have archive of over 10K mp3's and want a PC program to copy
a random subset to my Archos.  Each Archos DIR will hold 1K songs.  Will
copy 3K to 4K songs to the Archos.  PROCEDURE:  Tell PC program to pick
1K songs randomly from the archive drive and copy to Archos DIR 1.  Then
tell PC program to pick another random 1K (but none of the first 1K) and
copy to DIR 2.  Continue until all Archos space used.  I looked all over
the web and found no such program.  Any recommendations?

Thanks, Barry.

Rockbox handles filenames up to the maximum length set by the FAT specification, which says that the full path including the drive letter must not exceed 260 characters.

I haven't heard of such a PC program. Sounds like a good job for a Perl script.


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