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The vast majority of them will be. I'd already discussed my intent to use some of it to help me get to DevCon next year, but seeing as there's no a plan to use the Rockbox Fund to help some of us 'mericans (and others, I assume) get there next time around, all of it should be going to it.

That being said, "all of it" is none right now (until a certain mark is hit, when they send out the first check). It's mostly a trial period, I may take the store down after the first check is sent out from CafePress, and see about coming up with a better way to do merchandise overall.


--- Quote from: keuleJ on April 16, 2007, 05:46:59 AM ---Is there anything on the back of the T-Shirts? Something like "" would be cool.

--- End quote ---
Did you do anything like that? Would be nice!


  Can the stickers be updated to include the url, Also I'd like a metal travel coffee mug with the Rockbox logo and url as well.


i want a rockbox  T-shirt      am going to get one some time, they are the coolest things out at the moment

apart from a Ipod nano running rockbox with a sweet theme of course     ;)   (thats me)

Yeah, I got a shirt a while back.  I like it, but I agree that the URL would have been a nice addition.


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