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their plot printings are awesome, but I really dislike the digital transfer printings.
Offset might be nice, but there's setup costs. is the international (excluding USA and Canada) site. there's also (USA) and (Canada)

thats pretty cool i just vjoined and im a noob. i just started cause i no some people who use the program. i came from ipod wizard......jut introducing myself. :)


--- Quote from: jdgordon on April 14, 2007, 05:49:15 AM ---So this means once and for all that we arnt changing the logo?

--- End quote ---

Ha Ha thats a good one.   :D

Just to check, but I assume that all profits are going into Rockbox funds, yes?

Certainly not, it's to fund Llorean's holiday to Bora Bora next summer ;)


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