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The first Rockbox Official Merchandise is available!

The current store makes use of CafePress (if a better alternative is available, we can move, or open up a second shop if it's only better in some ways or for some geographical regions).

It's located here: for now.

If you have suggestions for CafePress merchandise that you feel would be suitable for Rockbox-logoing let me know and I can decide to update the shop. If you know of a site that offers a significant advantage (better prices all around being an ideal, as well as better shipping options) let me know.

For now, this is it, any change to where the official shop is or additional official shops such as a European parallel will be added here. is the current wiki page. I will unsticky this in a few weeks, after which the most up to date information will be on the wiki page.

How big is the emblem on the shirts?

According to the Cafepress shop, it's 1.7 inches. I assume that's height. It's the maximum size for it in that position, from Cafepress.

Nice... ;D ;D ;D  I like the black shirt the most and the mugs are great.

Good job!!!

So this means once and for all that we arnt changing the logo? :)

do they do jumpers? (or hoodies), or even long sleeve t-shirts?


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