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Same thing happened to me as d3nn1as, Empty Version .txt in recovery mode.  :-\

Yes rockbox was working, no I didn't do anything other than place the .mi4 on the root of my sansa e250. Broke my original firmware. Had to get original .mi4 and .rom to recover the sansa back to default state. Take care with this e250 owners. Can anyone confirm this working on an e250 ?? I'd really like |

I'm a bit concerned over 2 people reporting a similar bug.  I've tried every build of this I've released multiple times and it works fine on my e260.  I can't seem to duplicate your symptoms.  

Could you describe exactly what you did?  

I would also make sure you have a correctly decrypted OF.bin file and SVN rockbox.

Tell me please: what version of original firmware is your loader based on?

Oops my BAD.. I didn't have a properly decoded OF.bin in the system folder.  :-[

Works correctly upon making my own OF.bin. Good work.

I am pleased to hear that it works for you.  

Eli: it is not based on any original firmware.  It will simply load the firmware stored in OF.bin.  I believe sansapatcher puts this there for you.  If original firmware is updated, OF.bin should be updated to reflect that.  The loader will work properly with any firmware, including themed firmware.

Does anyone know how to tell if the SVN bootloader files have changed?  I would like to try to keep this on track with SVN, but I don't think the files change that often.  I suppose it doesn't make a whole lot of difference unless there are major bootloader changes.


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