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Sansa e200: ReverseBL Build

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The entire all models of the V1 E200 series are the same, except for the total amount of flash memory they have.

What determines if you can use a particular bootloader is the version (1 or 2) and if its an "R" or not.

It was really wonderfull guys
these rock box pple must add an option in the rock utill to choose b/w wat to use as prmary.

I worked compltely well on my E250 no problems

thank u creators of reverseBL I owe u a lot

Ok this is for pple who had problems with it
1 get the rock utility from the downloads
2 install rock box in ur sansa
3 Get the sansa ptcher.exe ant the reversebL mi4
4 follw the instructions strictly dont cut and paste or something
5 enjoy ur sansa firm ware as primary

thats wat i did on my sansa and it  is working perfectly
link is

Nice, i hope this will reverse the function of it being powered on by having the cable installed, i use my sansa in my car in a docking station, and its annoying 9 times out of ten unless i remember to boot it before turning on the car it boots to OF


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