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Sansa e200: ReverseBL Build

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The link is fixed.  It works with the e250.  OF.bin is the original firmware binary, which is the decrypted OF.mi4.  It is not needed anymore since sansapatcher takes care of that.

Step by step instructions are on the linked site I posted.

hello, im trying to have both Rockbox and a few themes the Mod Original Op system of the sansa e200. i followed your steps on the web site.  down load sansa patcher and then from cmd

Run "sansapatcher.exe -a ReverseBL 2007-14-12.mi4"

finds specified dir on G:\  and all is good but when it tries to open the
ReverseBL 2007-14-12.mi4 it says it cannot open file

and the bootloader fails to install.

any ideas what may be the problem?  could the file be corrupt, or am i running into firmware issues, i have a V1 running 01.02.18a.  

kinda stuck, any ideas

Will this ever be built for the e200R series?

the last time i tried to install it, it completly messed up my original firmware .so can some one give me more detailed instructions then posted in the link on how to install this ;D

Has anyone tried this on an e270? I read this worked with e260, but what about the 270? I don't want to end up messing up my original firmware. Thanks for any help.


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