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Not all file being seen


Help!  I have over 5 GB of music on my 20 GB player but When I go to pick a song from my library it only show me 1/4 of my songs.  I try scrolling down but it stop at song start with the letter N.  Why can't I see the rest of my library?
P.S. I know the rest of my song are there because I see them when I plug in my player to the computer.

How many files do you have in each folder? Do you see any error messages when you enter the directory?

No I don't see any errors msg.
All my songs ar in the root dir.

You should see a message saying "Dir buffer full" when you start the jukebox. Are you running Rockbox?

You should really consider sorting your collection in subdirectories.

If you still want to have huge amounts of files in a single directory, go to Menu-General Settings->System->Limits->Max files in dir browser and set it to a suitable amount. This will take away some of the MP3 playback buffer and use it for file name cache instead, which will reduce the battery life somewhat.

Thank you, I will try that.  ;D


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