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I have two issues:
I've followed SansaE200Install instructions, extracted into the root and and used sansapatcher v0.2:

--- Code: ---[INFO] Bootloader installed successfully.
--- End code ---

1) but after that sansa didn't restart. And rockbox doesn't start whatever I do

So I think the reason is that I have 01.03.01 version of original firmware. I checked, but it seems they've refused this version 'cause there's no it any more. I tried to degrade to previous e.g. 1.02.15a or any other from but after upgrading firmware I've got a white noise on the screen and in a second sansa goes to recovery mode. The only is possible to set up mi4 file from 01.03.01 again.

2) so I can't to go back to older version of the firmware.

As I remember earlier there were something about installing decrypted OF.bin to the ./system folder and rockbox.e200 to the root, since there's no any mention about these steps I just stupidly followed SansaE200Install page hoping sansapather does the whole job.

for directions on removing the beta firmware.

Thanks a lot, it helped!

Can I suggest sansapatcher to work with 01.03.01 also?

One question more, where's manual install instruction gone?

The manual instructions are gone, because we would prefer for people not to be installing that way.

It really isn't likely for support to be added for 1.03.01 without more information about why it doesn't work, and if as you said it's no longer available, I don't see a particularly compelling reason. It was testing firmware that they seem to have decided against using, at least for now.


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