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This thread is for support questions for iPod Linux's Loader 2.

First and foremost, the most recommended solution is to visit the official Loader2 page,
Then, as you may have noticed it's at ipodlinux, you should go to their forums and seek support for it there. As the problem you are having is with their software, even if you're using it to load Rockbox, you should seek help from them first.

Loader 2 is not Rockbox software and we cannot provide support for it. While not strictly a build, iPodLinux's Loader2 can cause unexpected behaviour in Rockbox, as well as being entirely software that we do not provide. We are aware though that many Rockbox users have a desire to make use of the graphical loader.

If you are using Loader 2, before reporting a bug you should install the official Rockbox bootloader (this is as easy as running ipodpatcher and choosing to install) and verify that the bug happens there. Uninstalling the Rockbox bootloader will require that you reinstall Loader 2 manually. Ipodpatcher can be used to add Loader 2. See ipodpatcher --help, and use the function to add a binary bootloader if your loader 2 is a .bin file, and the regular add bootloader if it is a .ipod file.

Loader 2 should be able to see Rockbox if it has been extracted to the FAT32 partition of your device, and Rockbox should function so long as its .rockbox folder is found in the first primary FAT32 partition on your player.

If you need advanced help, or wish to report an actual bug with Loader 2 it should be taken to the iPL team.

As well, a Wiki page for IpodLinuxLoader2 would not be a bad thing if anyone wants to document some general "How to use it" information.

As told in the forums, i downloaded the last beta build from ipl's site (which _should_ init the coprocessor), installed it and run Rockbox from the GUI menu.
Suddenly, after rockbox began showing the version screen, my iPod just restarted.

I would gladly try the Rockbox loader, but i don't have acces to a PC with admin rights.

Now i'm running a build from the start of february, which doesn't have the root menu, but works.

How did you manage to install loader2 without admin rights?  The process should be the same for both bootloaders, requiring the same rights.

I used my fathers working computer, but he don't wont to let me use it without him sitting back me, and it's not his favourite hobby ;)

Hi jonashn,

where did you get the loader from,
i could ttry and test it out for you.



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