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How Long Should I Wait for this file to Extract


I am very new to Linux and to Rockbox.  I am trying to install Rockbox on my Sandisk e250.  I am following the instructions in the manual.  I downloaded the appropriate zip file to my computer (on which I run Ubuntu) and attempted to extract all files to the Sandisk.  The Sandisk tells me that it is "writing" but it has been doing so for about fifteen minutes now.  Am I not being patient enough or is something wrong?  If the latter, what can I do to overcome this?

Thanks for any and all help.

Unless you're running Ubuntu on a ZX81, I would expect the extract to take about 30 seconds - so there's definitely something not right. Can't imagine what though as I'm not a Sansa owner I'm afraid.

The message doesn't always mean writing. If the extraction took is done, try to safely eject.


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