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Linuxstb found what appears to be a very handy video encoder for Windows and Linux users, and I've created a list of presets for it for the various color Rockbox targets.

It's on the PluginMpegplayer wiki page, named "WinFF". I've included very, very, very basic instructions for use, because honestly it's not a terribly complex program (very point and click) and most of you should just need to select your player from the dropdown and convert.

I would like some feedback as to whether the files seem to play fullspeed, and whether the visual quality is where you'd like it. (If the visual quality is lower than you'd like, disable frame rate limiting, stop playback, and then re-run the file, and see what sort of FPS you get without it, compared to what the file's FPS is, to give me a small idea of if there's elbow room).

For those of you with Coldfire targets (H300, iAudio X5), there may be some current issues, with framerates (I have a 10fps test file that's playing at 15fps in Rockbox for some reason), but feedback on whether you feel this method is 'good enough' in terms of the process is still welcome.

As well, if you feel the instructions should be improved, feel free, or suggest here. I know I left them VERY scant, but 'eh, I'm lazy, and I'll improve them if it's needed. :)

I just tried this program and replaced the .xml file on the wiki and it doesn't work. It said that my video is corrupted or something like that but my video is fully fine.

Okay, you know that we can't do anything to help without *actual* error messages.

What exactly does it say?

Mad Cow:
I'm pretty sure this is a problem with ffmpeg, but it can't resample audio with more than 2 channels.

Try adding
--- Code: ----ac 2
--- End code ---
to the optional parameters and see if that makes it convert to 2 channels and then resample.


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