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Recent snapshots broken on my e280

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First off let me say hello to everyone.  I had followed the development of Rockbox-Sansa for a while, but didn't chime in because I didn't (and still don't) have the programming experience to contribute anything worthwhile (though I'm learning more C).  Anyway the recent snapshots for the Sansa freeze the player up.  As soon as it boots into the Rockbox firmware (the Rockbox screen comes up with the version number at the bottom), the player just freezes up and the LCD stays lit.  Nothing can be done save for letting it run out of juice till it turns off (I didn't try holding "Power" for 15 seconds, I read about it just now).  This happened with several different builds in the last 2 days or so.  Anyway, I downloaded an archived build from 3/25 and it works just fine.  I've been updating it a lot for improvements to the mpegplayer, but will probably hold off for a while to let things get sorted out.

Thanks for all the hard work.  Rockbox is awesome and I appreciate your efforts.

Please read the POSTING IN THIS FORUM before posting in any given category, and make an attempt to choose the most appropriate section for your message.

My bad.  Does this belong in General Discussion?  I don't see another Sansa specific sub-forum.

That's because there are no player-specific subforums outside of the installation ones.

If you suspect it has something to do with a unique piece of hardware in your player, you put it in the Hardware forum. If you think it's a problem with part of the rest of Rockbox, the "application" parts as it is, you put it in one of the forums most closely related. Because of the way Rockbox is constructed, very very little is player specific, and when things are, it's really a case like this (in which it's not player specific, it's specific to all the PortalPlayer chips) it's a single piece of hardware acting up that could be present in several players.

We've intentionally removed all player-specific forums (except for the install process because they'll each have unique install processes) to help people become aware of the fact that there are very, very few player-specific topics when discussion Rockbox, relative to the total number of subject.

Just one further thing: The forums aren't the right place for reporting bugs, they're just discussion forums. There's a proper place to report bugs.

Anyway, your problem is that the current version of Rockbox has issues on the PortalPlayer based hardware, due to a recent change. It's known about, and is being worked on. Keep an eye on the changelog on the front page of the site, or just wait a couple days using an older build until it's resolved.

Ok, thank you.  I will read the guidelines more thoroughly.  Thanks for the explanation and sorry to clutter up the forum  :-[


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