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Fonts - size limitation


I was trying to sort out a large font for the iriver version for use in the car and downloaded courB14.fnt and win_crox4h.fnt from the fonts page but discovered that they don't work, you just get the default font. Then i searched and found this thread which implies this is a general problem and has been for a while due to a limit on the font buffer size.

What are the intentions? Does anyone know if it is this staying this way or if larger file size fonts will be allowable again when someone gets round to it?

I went through this same process and for a similar reason -- car use or desk use when the player is not directly in front of you -- and had the same question.

It would be great if a larger and bolded font were available for this purpose.  Basically, a larger Chicago12 or Xtal-14 (which is why I was looking at the CourB14 font).  Does anyone know if this might be possible or if anyone might be getting to it?


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