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Sansa-update removes Rockbox

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I installed Rockbox a few days ago on my Sansa e280.
Today I saw there was a firmware update for the original sansa firmware, so I decided to update it.
When I rebooted the Sansa, it booted with the original firmware.
No sign of Rockbox..
I tried to uninstall Rockbox and then reinstall it.
That didn't work, I don't know what I should do now..
The original firmware works, but I really want Rockbox on it..
Do you have any tips regarding my problem?

The Sansa updater installed the update over top of the Rockbox bootloader.  Grab a copy of sansapatcher ( and run it.  After it says the bootloader was installed, disconnect your Sansa and restart it.

Link doesn't work  :-\
I managed to download a sansapatcher, but I doubt it is the real one..
I can't find it on either...
Thanks for your help anyway..

Edit: I managed to download it off the Rockbox site, and Rockbox now fully works!!! Thanks!!

Yeah, that's an old copy of sansapatcher from zivan.  I have a copy that's a day or so old that I got from the link I mentioned in my last post, so I'll upload it real quick....Hope none of the devs mind me mirroring it.

Should have a link for you in a min

EDIT:  Sorry about the delay, was having problems uploading the file.
Mirror: ---

Please use the OFFICIAL links for Rockbox tools, ESPECIALLY if you're referecing them to someone here in our forums. Mirroring them offsite just means that you're more likely to link someone to an outdated one.

Sansapatcher can be found at in whatever folder is appropriate for your operating system.


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