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Sansapatcher 2.0


I'm reading up on installing Rockbox via the manual method (inserting the .mi4 file). I've read on about a new program called "Sansapatcher 2.0" that's an easy alternative, and many are recommending using this over the old method.

My question here, is this method endorsed by the Rockbox folks here? And if so, where may I find this program for downloading? All the info about it looks to post-date most of the other threads in this forum, and I could not find any info on it using the Rockbox search engine. A link was placed in the thread at ABi that links to this, but the only thing I see (besides one reference to the Sansapatcher) is FAQ's.

I've seen a Rockbox Installer program offered by folks at, but is it the same thing? Can a link to the sansapatcher program be provided? That is, if it's approved by you guys. Thanks in advanced.....

We recommend the way the page you mention describe.

I believe this procedure is now also in the manual.

The manual has ALWAYS been where people are supposed to go first, not the wiki.


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