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Archos Gminiâ„¢120


disgusting man:
Hi Rockbox

I used to have the Archos Recorder 20GB edition.
Unfortunately it got lost - I was a true fan of Rockbox
as it makes it possible for djs to play with the tempo - nice one.

Now I am in hold of a Archos Gminiâ„¢120 -
at the moment it is charging for the first time - I haven´t found
a line-in plug but I assume the headphone plug to be all-in-one  :-\

My question :: Rockbox for the Gminiâ„¢120 ??? Does it work?

big shouts to those who made rockbox and constantly work on it

disgusting man:
i am sorry -
i just searched the forum and found the answer.
please delete me :-)


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