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no system on hdd

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hi i did everything as Llorean and nate said and nothing ;/ i running out of hope i tought that rockbox save my gigabeat but i still in the same point. please give any ideas how to fix it

You'll have to let us know what is exactly on your Gigabeat at the moment.  What files are in your GBSYSTEM directory?
Do you have a .rockbox folder?
Is there a .rockbox.gigabeat file inside the .rockbox folder?
What other files and folders do you see in the root of your GB?
What have you done explicitly.

If we know what you've done, we can tell you what step you may have missed.

Hopefully it's not a hardware problem were something inside actually physically broke. If that's what it is, your gigabeat is toast.  >:(

my f20 is ok becouse it is working as na hard drive i can copy files and do everything but as i said in first post i formatted it with windows tool so it is clean at the moment. when i connect it to pc gigabeat watech show me that gigabeat is connected to the pc so everything witch gigabeat is ok. but i cant install there rockbox.

 I formatted it again so it was clean and i  did all things wrote in the instruction but gigabeat still booting firmware from thosiba and stops in 1/10 way and show error nr 0000020 " no system found on hdd" so how to put there rockbox?

It still sounds like you don't have the GBSYSTEM files necessary to boot, nor the bootloader that loads Rockbox.
If you downloaded the file and extracted it to your clean formatted Gigabeat, you should have a directory structure like this:

--- Quote ---K:\) being the root of your Gigabeat.  It may be a different letter on your PC.

 Â  * K:\readme.txt
 Â        * K:\GBSYSTEM\FONTS\FNTJA.DAT -> This and the next 3 are files.
 Â        * K:\GBSYSTEM\FWIMG\FWIMG00.DAT -> This and the next 2 are files.
--- End quote ---
If you don't have an FWIMG01.DAT then you need to download it from here: FWIMG01.DAT

Place that file in the K:\GBSYSTEM\FWIMG\ folder.

You need to do this before installing Rockbox.

Once the above is completed, then follow the Rockbox install instructions found at the links posted previously.


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