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no system on hdd

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I've  tried to format with gigabeat tool but it is'n working as you said. Please be so kind and save my gigabeat :) my email is i am able try everything  

thx to toffe i repair my gigabeat but i have still one froblem when i'm trying to switch off my F20 i recived an error number C00F74E4 anyone know how to figure it out?

I think that the error is because the image I send you doens't correspond to the firmware in memory.
I think you should update your gigabeat with the original update from toshiba and after reinstall roockbox or perhaps replace the files in the gbsystem with the ones you have on you computer.

dear toffe,

could you please send me a copy of the original firmware files? i require the original gbsystem files since i accidentally formatted my toshiba's original firmware and i don't have copy of the files that would let me boot either rockbox or the original firmware.

my email address is :



im having the same problem anyone out there that can help me?


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