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Help, ATA pbs...

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I havce no idea how much it costs. If the drive is spinning, the connectors are probably fine. It might be that the drive is security-locked... Right now I can't remember how to determine if it is, but I can find that out for you.

Yes, it would be nice if I could be able to unlock the hard drive myself !

Thank you very much !

Could you tell me what happened before the ATA error occurred?

If it is locked, you can go here to read about how to unlock it:

Good luck!

It was plugged on 230V but not charging (why, I don't know).

I've tried to read data on my archos from a remate computer over my netwok but hard drive has failed to spin because of low was making the same noise as when you shut it down while hard drive spinning...

I will try to follow instructions to unlock my box !

Thank you very much !

That sounds like a situation where it might have locked the drive.

If it wasn't charging, you might have accidentally enabled the "deep discharge" option.


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