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I would like to start a new port of Rockbox to the Samsung K5 - the player with slide-out speakers.

I've read the new port page on the wiki and think I'm prepared to start this, though I'm a bit confused about the protocol for starting a page in the Wiki for it.  I've used MediaWiki, but TwikiWiki is a bit different.  How do I decide what the parent of the new page should be, for instance?

I've dissasembled my K5 and posted the pictures here:

Unfortunately, I don't have access to a flatbed scanner, but I think I did OK by propping the circuit boards up and using a timer with available light.

Now I'll start making a list of all the chips, though it's clear that the big one is a  Telechips TCC770, same as the
Cowon U3, which already has a page in the wiki:

* ...also, a Wolfson WM8956 DAC/w speaker driver :
* Samsung k9hag08u1m NAND Flash module
* Samsung 16Mb SDRAM
* Philips TEA5767 FM Tuner

twiki has a rather simple approach to parents. When you create a new page, you can select the name of the parent page.

But then of course I don't know a suitable parent for a new port page, and to be fair, most of our wiki pages don't have the parent setup (in a sensible way).

Besides, we can always fix that after you've created it anyway!

Thank you (and Linus) for help with the Wiki!

I've started a very rough page for the new port here:

perhaps this link can be of some help??

Looking foward to this port since i am planning to buy one.

With all respect to the poster there, it looks like all he's done is replace text in the firmware.

The good news there is that the player didn't reject the changes out of hand based on an MD5 sum or something.  Sounds promising to me.


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