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wont load rockbox or original firmware


hi i was trying to remove rockbox, so i went and deleted all the rockbox files off of my sansa. i must have missed one or deleted something wrong because now when i turn it on it says it cant load rockbox.e200, file not found. when i try to boot up the original firmware it says that cant be found either. when i plug it in nothing happens on the computer. am i pretty much screwed or is their a way to put all the original files back on somehow? just someway to make it so that the computer recognizes it so i can edit the files on the device. thanks!

Did you look at this?

Yeah, just follow the TroubleShooting.  But i also thought the section about removing Rockbox should be revised.

Because it doesn't mention that you should rename the original firmware to PP2022.mi4 before placing it back into the root directory.  Also the removal section should also include that you should keep OF.bin in the /system/ directory just in case situations like saratoga's happens (at least this way you can still boot the original firmware and then attempt to rename the original mi4 firmware to PP2022.mi4)  

I didn't know that the original firmware needed a specific name and thought i had messed up my Sansa.  But luckily i still had the OF.bin in the system directory and was able to boot the original firmware ,temporarily,  by holding left.

Just some suggestions.  Hopefully they'll be implemented to the wiki page! It'll surely reduce the number of lost people trying to remove rockbox

It's a wiki page. If you feel it's flawed, you can fix it. That's the whole point of wiki: Collaborative documentation.

And, as a note, it doesn't say "Put OF.MI4 in the root directory" it says "Put back the ORIGINAL MI4 in the root directory."

This means the PP5022.MI4 that is an official firmware file. Not the decrypted one.

thanks alot for your help guys!! i reinstalled rockbox and it works perfect now. thanks!


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