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Well after having following this very closely since about december I can finnaly install rockbox. Or so I thought. My immediate thought was to read the rockbox manual and install it that way. Basicly all i did was install the Rockbox zip file. Then I found installation instructions in he wiki i think it was. Anyways heres whatsup

I have been trying for about an hour to install rock. I have the zip installed correctly and have copied allot of files to my system folder none of which have caused my player to act any different (thankfully)

What file exactly is supposed to be copied to the /System/ directory?


Follow the instructions here, very very carefully.

aye, the mi4 decrypting is absolutely necessary so that you can access the device on your PC after Rockbox installation.  I got it working on the second try.

However, it's still at a pretty buggy stage.  I'm getting data aborts on Ogg Vorbis playback.  I know it's still early days so these bugs will surely be worked out in the coming weeks. :)

can we just get a copy of the of.bin for download somehwere?

Sorry but im completly lost in the 4th step....

Can someone help me plz???



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