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I just got to checking 1) without my changes and it turns out it is low latency. I didn't bother actually removing low latency mode to test but I know that would be it. Seems I recall LinusN wanting low latency out of the sound menu itself but was a latecomer to seeing the conversion and didn't think about it again. I guess I now know why.

fixed the 2 preset bugs,
You sure you cant exit the wps without stopping? it may have been linked to the other bug i fixed yesterday...

and the sound settings menu should voice, but the settings when you enter them should not...

Not sure if I had your changes on when it popped up. I'll tell you if I see it again.

are you guys done changing things with the menu/settings menu now then? I was holding off updating until it was done and the bugs had been worked. no talk in this thread for a week or so would suggest so.


unless I missed anything in this thread there are no open bugs for the menus, which have been stable for the last few weeks


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