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jdgordon: now you have access to the SWCODEC FM Recording menu in the sim. It aborts and deploys the parachute when exiting.

A couple of other things I noticed mucking about in the radio:

1) When deleting/editing an fmradio preset, the preset context menu does not exit properly.

2) When deleting presets, the preset list view doesn't know that the item has disappeared. You can continue to scroll as though the items still exist but you won't see the cursor.

Should also mention that on my x5 and H120 going to "Settings" from the main menu and then exiting goes not back to the main menu but to the file tree.  ???


--- Quote from: jhMikeS on March 14, 2007, 08:38:13 AM ---jdgordon,

Missed you in IRC by a little bit. Should point out it behaves differently on x5. It doesn't freeze when going back from the recording menu but in the fmradio menu itself sometimes. Don't remember if I went to the recording one first though. Had a duplicate "Scan Presets" after coming back from the recording menu too.

It does remove "Source" from the recording menu from there so I would make a stab in the dark and say it's got something to do with that.

--- End quote ---
bloody fixed after 90min of trying to figure it out :'(

AceNik, when someone sends us a patch to do that....

Ill try doing the other bugs tomorow

Just when you reply with "fixed" I dicover something else.  ;D  :o

1) Settings not being voice in Sound Settings (was playing audio at the time). Other menus seem to voice still...and from the solitaire playback menu too. Will verify that it's not my swapping changes but that should stop everything.

2) Still getting a WPS you can't exit unless stopping audio from the main menu.

I think it's just that I'm moving about the menus so much lately testing audio things I pick up on stuff.

Happened on Gigabeat.

sound settings not voicing is a problem with calling low_latency_mode() isnt it?
I'll check the others today if i get a chance


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