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Menu/Settings changes - REPORT BUGS HERE

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does this mean we will be seeing stuff like this? or is this totally different?

Can we try to keep this to "Bugs" please?.

And please read the thread, JdGordon already said
--- Quote ---the actual changes wont be seen by users at all
--- End quote ---

Playback / Repeat doesn't work. Nothing happens when selected. Don't understand enough of the new menu code to figure out why yet. :)

Also, with the most recent moves (info menu, manage settings), logf builds fail in menus/main_menu.c.

fixed the repeat mode option...
which target is logf failing on? worked ok on h300

Really? Seemed like a logf include was missing. Anyway, I noticed it when I tried to build an iPod video simulator. Maybe the simulator bit is the important one here.


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