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today's build, theme selection is broken. if you choose any theme it just resets (screen goes black for half a second) to the old one after you try to go back from settings menu. the same "reset" happened just after browsing through varies settings.

The "Rockbox Info" and the "Runtime" screens are shifted to the right as much as the scrollbar and icons would take but of course there are none. If I switch off the icons it's not shifted that far like if it was for the scrollbar only.

And yes... this is most annoying on small screens ;) .

I noticed that also, but wasnt sure if this was how it always was or not... ill look into it

the main bug is that this wonderful menu update slows down my ipod(scrolling and menu browsing) :-\

disable the icons then. its not a menu bug, its a problem with the large ipod screens


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