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OK, well I am just preparing to commit the first bit of some major changes which will take a while to complete, and because it effects the entire menu system (and all the settings) is it fairly likely that minor bugs will popup.

So, over the next while, if you notice a setting not working/saving/loading/changing correctly please post here as soon as you notice, the sooner bugs are posted after thier change te more likely it is they will be fixed quickly.

Anyone who can code and wants to help speed the transition up please visit for info on how to help (or come on irc and chat)

NOTE: gcc 4.0.2 fails to build arm with these commits... you need 4.0.3

The menus which have been converted (and so the ones to watc for bugs) are:
- Sound menu
- playlist menu
- general settings (excluding display settings)

Atheistic Freedom:
So far, so good.

Minor changes, but I assume the fairly noticeable ones are going to come soon.

What exactly shall be implemented with this major menu makeover?

the first step was to get the groundwork in which is what was just commited.. the next step is to convert every item in the menu to a new system which will -when its finished- shrink the binary a bit, and make the code hopefully eaiser to maintain.

the actual changes wont be seen by users at all (except titles in the menus), they should only notice changes if anything gets broken

 Archos Recorder v1

Small wierd problem:
Sometimes continues to show last line of wps when entering menus from F1 - AFTER entering then exiting the file browser using the 'on' button. The last line is shown in the new main menu and the new sound settings menu. In the old style menus the bottom line of the wps is not shown but is blank.

 The bug can be made to leave by entering the F2 or 3 quick menus and then re-entering the main menu again.


my wps:
%al%pc (%pt)%ar%pp/%pe

%bl%%%bvv %bc %ar%pvdB
%ck:Mc%ar%ca b e Yc


--- Quote from: tspoon on February 08, 2007, 04:42:31 PM ---snip

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I dont have a recorder, but Mattz in irc tried to replicate and couldnt, I'll try in the sim later today.


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