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The new best buy budget flash dap Insignia Video (NS-DVxG) seems to have a lot of potential for a port.  I am waiting to get mine in the mail, in the meantime any thoughts? has a review of it here:

Hi. I tried to gather some information on this device.

Firmware is available from

I found references to Telechips in that file, so that might be what architecture the device is using. No Rockbox device uses Telechips as far as I know, so this will be a new port.

Fcc documents are linked from this page.

My suggestion is to google, go to (where they discuss this player), and try to gather up as much information as possible (internal photos, hw-docs etc).

Good luck anyway.

Ok, this seems to be the processor used in this dap.

No, it uses the TCC8200

The Insignia Video (NS-DVxG) uses the TCC8200
+ codec Texas Instruments TI TLV320AIC23B .

Iriver's new flash video player, the X20  -rebranded
from the Joyoto /Insignia Video (NS-DVxG) uses the same SoC .


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