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I am considering attempting to do a port to Ultra's Hydra.  The Hydra is a small flash based 1 or 2 G non video MP3player.

Are there any hadware requirements for RockBox?  I would rather not use my time only to find it did not have sufficient memory or somehting like that.

The requirements for doing a port are discussed in the "Read this first thread" in this forum.  Take a look through that.

Then once you've posted scans and hardware specs, it should be pretty easy to figure out how difficult the port will be.

Not at home with my scanner, but the Micro-processor/MP3 chip is the Sigmatel STMP 3502  .  

The Ultra also has the Philips TEA5767 FM radio chip .  

The memory chip is baried under the display, so can't see the make of that.  I will have to get that when I figure how to get the display off without breaking stuff

There is already a lot of info on the CPU in the Rockbox wiki because its used on many audio players.  However, the wiki indicates that there is no compiler for it, so you'll be unable to port rockbox to it.

Would the compiler be part of the SDK?  I could try to procure the SDK.


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