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H10 hangs on bootloader after upgrade to 60g

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I obtained a Hitachi Travelstar C4K60-60 1.8" Hard Drive Slim model and installed in my H10 (yes, it fits - photos to come).  After formatting it to fat32 and restoring all the files from the original 20g drive on it, it boots, but hangs in the Rockbox boot screen.

I tried the original iRiver firmware and that works fine.

Is there anything that needs to be done to the rockbox boot code to make it work on a 60g drive?

Any help would be appreciated.


PS The drive model is HTC426060G8CE00.  It's the same as the original except: 
1. It's 1mm thicker (8mm).
2. The interface is ATA-7 (same as ATA-6 but can go faster - 133m)

This may be a similar problem to that we've encountered with the 80GB disk drive in the latest 5.5G iPod - in that it doesn't support 512 byte sector transfers. It might be worth hanging onto the drive for a while until LinusN completes his masterwork on the ATA code to support larger sector sizes.

Thanks for the info.
Waiting (almost) patiently.

Let me know if you need me to test this on the H10.


Well, LinusN is making progress - I tested a new patch he'd made to the FAT handling code today.

I am forced to wonder though - when you say "Let me know if you need to test this on the H10" do you know what you're volunteering for?

LinusN's first words to me were "this may corrupt all the files on your player". If your response to this statement is "I don't care", then you may possibly be asked to test as well. But if by testing you mean you expect to get a look at some early code which just "works" then perhaps you're not really volunteering to test at all ?

Short of bricking my unit, I am prepared for anything (everything backed up).
I realize bricking is very unlikely (near impossible) since we're not re-flashing.

[cop_out]I am an embeded coder myself (heating controls) and wish I had the time to contribute to this project.[/cop_out]

[gush]I really appreciate the commitment in time and energy all of you have made over the years to this.[/gush]


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