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Watch it be Steve Jobs or someone like that.

Shame to see that there are people out there sad enough to do something like this to people that earn nothing from this site :(

Just curious, is there any more solid wiki system then the twiki? It seems that that system has been hacked *way* too much. We've lost that part of the site, what, 4 times now at least?


--- Quote from: dommo on January 21, 2007, 12:03:05 PM ---Watch it be Steve Jobs or someone like that.

--- End quote ---

pissed off because we changed the ipod firmware.  :D

I don't know about how resource efficient it is, but MediaWiki seems to be a solid system that a lot of people use.

After three times of having twiki compromised, maybe alternatives should be considered.

[14:10] What freak did this?
[14:10] did what?
[14:10] GodEater: spot the bug: (cd rockbox_html/cvs-bak; find . -ctime +7 -exec rm {} ;)
[14:10] Vandalize the site?
[14:10] D0ug: the code snippet above did
[14:10] hehehe - oops ;)
[14:10] D0ug: false alarm, it was not a hack this time
[14:10] Zagor: i'm afraid i don't speak find
[14:11] really?
[14:11] Do you need the .bin file
[14:11] Did it crash or something?
[14:11] robin0800_: You just need this patch (linked from the tracker page) -
[14:12] that was supposed to remove files older than 7 days (he guesses)
[14:12] I need to remind myself what ctime is for
[14:12] kk, sorry I realize you just answered that qn... I am feeling a bit dense today
[14:13] GodEater: well, it did. the problem is the ; character. it doesn't abort when the previous command fails. and the cd failed because the cvs-bak directory no longer exists...
[14:13] Any irreperable damage?
[14:13] ah yes
[14:13] Zagor: ahhaha
[14:13] it should have been &&
[14:13] && is your friend
[14:13] indeed
[14:13] heh
[14:13] * GodEater hasn't used ";" in a script for years


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